Front page news! At last there is a reliable, practical and profitable solution for selling single issues of printed media. A point of sale that is available 24 hours a day. Presentable, versatile, inviting. Its name: NewsPoint.

Some people think that printed newspapers and magazines are on their way down. ´Soon everyone will use the Internet´. Forget it! Printed media are more popular than ever and their circulation is growing steadily. There is, however, a tendency from subscriptions towards more single issues. A development which NewsPoint anticipates perfectly. NewsPoint is an innovative multi-vendor dispenser for selling newspapers and magazines.

NewsPoint has a splendid design. The dispenser is available both for indoor and for outdoor use. All newspapers and magazines have their own 'showcase'. NewsPoint can be used for several thicknesses and sizes. The dispenser accepts all legal currencies. A standard accessory is a vandal-proof payment unit which supplies change.

Operating it is very simple, both for the customer and for the operator. Language, title and price can be entered into an easily programmable display. For example, distinctions can be made between the Saturday and Monday editions of a newspaper. A non-resettable counter indicates numbers, price and total sales. NewsPoint is made of steel with an impact-proof coating and complies with the CE guidelines.

By using all kinds of options NewsPoint can be fully geared to your needs. For example, it can be supplied in your brand colour. Another option is reading out at a distance by means of GSM. In addition, you can choose a 24-volt battery with charger, front lighting with name, various cashpoint card readers (e.g. chipknip, chipper and credit cards) and a bulk dispenser for 120 newspapers.

Wall dispenser (1 unit for 140 newspapers, 1 payment unit)


110 cm


75 cm


57 cm

BOW dispenser (1 unit for 140 newspapers, 1 payment unit)


232 cm


94 cm


57 cm

Maximum capacity per cassette:

140 newspapers

Maximum expansion:

2 units (140 newspapers each)

Total capacity:

420 newspapers

Mains supply:

230 volts (110 volts), 50-60Hz (24 volts optional)

Maximum power consumption:

69 watts