After the solid and successful SingleVendor and the fine designed MaxiVendor, produced for the sales of four different print titles, there is now the MiniVendor.

For locations where solidness and burglarproofness are less important (because there is supervision), NewsPoint has on request of especially the retail trade and organisations who want to present their print products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week developed a small, handy and easy to place vending machine with the unsurpassed technique of the SingleVendor.

This MiniVendor is especially suitable for ‘free’ products and titles that can be paid with exact money. It is a solid as well as a practical and a profitable solution for the single copy sales of newspapers and magazines. The MiniVendor is also ideal for the distribution of free newspapers, magazines and brochures. It is a sales point that is available 24 hours a day. Representative, free of interference, easy to place and simple to fill.

Again a product of NewsPoint. Since many years NewsPoint works on solutions to get newspapers, magazines and brochures smoothly to the consumers. After the development of the SingleVendor, the first vender machine that free of interference delivers newspapers/magazines, NewsPoint has developed on request of publishers and sales organisations a small version of the SingleVendor.

Good things come in small packages

NewsPoint has given this vender machine a fine and functional design. The machine is especially produced for the use inside a hall or in a place were one can keep an eye on it. It is standard delivered with a system that by middle of a green button delivers a free copy. As an option the MiniVendor can be equipped with all the valid payment systems.

A tried and tested operation free of interference
It’s very simple to operate for the customer as well as for the manager. The machine has the technical heart of the SingleVendor, that has proven by now in the Netherlands and in Belgium to do its work without failures day after day. The MiniVendor is constructed in steal with a impact-proof coating en meets the CE-directions.

It is possible to produce the MiniVendor in your housestyle brand colour. It is also possible to place a money-changer on the side. And it is possible to administer the card-index without contact. In addition, you can choose a 24-volt battery with charger.

Technical specifications  
Wall construction:  
Height: 49 cm
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 42 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Filling capacity: 20 cm
Free-standing realisation: Yes
Mains supply:
220 volts, 50-60Hz
Maximum power consumption: 69 watts